We kick off our project together with a 90-minute Discovery Session either in person or online. This phase not only helps us understand your business, but why you’re passionate about your business.

Over the course of the meeting, we ask you questions that help us paint a greater picture. We want to know what inspires you and what your vision is for your business. We’ll discuss the answers from your initial questionnaire and do a full-review of your existing brand (if applicable).



You wouldn’t want to go on a huge road trip without knowing what direction you’re headed in, right? We will take what we’ve learned during our Discovery Session and craft your brand strategy. The brand strategy consists of two parts.

  1. Mood Board: this informs the stylistic direction
  2. One-Page Summary:  this informs the creative direction

Once we’ve finalized the strategy, it will act as our guide for the rest of the project!



We’ll begin to explore a variety of design options. Once the initial design stages are over, we will present one-concept that we believe is the best solution for your business vision. This can be done via an in-person or scheduled phone/Skype meeting. The presentation will include the first version of your primary logo, logo variations, mark (if applicable), pattern design (if applicable) and color palette.

Having a couple variations of your logo give your branding flexibility. (ex. Business card vs. your Instagram profile photo).



After we have presented the first proof, it’s now your turn to provide us some feedback! What aspects of the concept are really resonating with you? What (if anything) feels off? Branding is an iterative process. Our #1 goal is to create branding that's feels 100% right for your business. Don't worry about hurting our feelings. We’d rather know that something isn’t right. That way, we can fine-tune your designs to make them a perfect fit for your brand!



Once your amazing new brand identity has been approved, we’ll design 1 additional collateral piece of your choosing to supplement your brand.

Letterhead + envelope, postcard, pricing sheet, stickers, up to 4 custom icons, up to 3 pieces of custom lettering, blog graphic template, Instagram graphic template, MailChimp newsletter template




Once you have approved all collateral materials, we will deliver your brand guidelines and final files to you via a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Delivery will include files for print and web resolution, in various color options that work with your brand, and in the following file types: pdf, svg, jpg, png. Final files for collateral pieces will be delivered in whatever form is appropriate (print or digital).