Imagine having clean, cohesive visuals for your business that make you proud.


I want that for you!  Imagine having a plan and a style before you launch you site, start posting, and emailing newsletters, knowing that you did so with intention, and that everything will look professional and cohesive. 

As an owner of a busy beauty business, I truly cared about the image we were projecting online. I wanted our website, email newsletters, and social media posts to look as beautiful as the interior we worked so hard to create.  Unfortunately, I was so busy with the day-to-day operations, managing employees, and serving my customers,  that I simply did not have the time spend designing beautiful materials to post on a weekly basis. I ended up building our website on nights and weekends and sneaking in social media posts and newsletters in between, but they simply did not look cohesive.  I didn't have a plan or a strategy around what I was trying to say. 

Early on, with a limited budget but a love for design, I decided to tackle my logo and website on my own. When I created the "brand" for my business, I did it by trolling Pinterest and looking at logos that inspired me.  I ended up hiring a fabulous artist to hand-letter part of my logo, and was thrilled with how it looked.  I didn't quite understand what I was trying to say, but I knew I liked it. So many of my decisions were based on "gut" and the feeling that I had decent taste.  I chose a color palette and incorporated it into my interior. That was a good start.  However, there were still so many pieces that were yet to be explored.  

"Branding" is a popular word now, but what exactly makes it different than a logo?  It took joining a local business incubator to help me understand a few things: 

  1. Knowing my customers and what they want is the foundation upon which all communication is built, and all the decisions you make about how you choose to serve them,
  2. All my online communication is a continuation of the "conversation" I am having with them,
  3. This conversation, along with the style, color, and images I am using, is what my brand is.  



Founded by Yvette Burggren in 2017, Water + Sky is a web design studio based in Upstate New York.  

The name "Water + Sky" was inspired by a line from a children's book I would read to my twins. The words paired together paint a picture of simplicity and clarity.  Inspired by nature and the harmony of two forces that complement each other, I work with clients to help them understand what makes them unique and tell their story visually.  

I'm proud to call Ithaca home but have worked with creative entrepreneurs all over the world. 


About me 

I'm Yvette! An entrepreneur at heart, I've built several businesses from the ground up, including a beauty business I sold in 2017.

After spending more than 15 years in traditional work settings of non-profits, arts administration, and higher education, I finally realized my dream of business ownership in 2014 with the co-founding of Miel Beauty Bar. 

Running this business day-to-day made me realize what I loved more than anything else was designing its visual identity and website. I often thought about what it would be like to support other passionate business owners who've perfected their craft and want beautiful, cohesive visuals to match.  When the time came to sell my business, I honored my long-held dream and founded Water + Sky with a talented designer, friend, and inspiration, Jess Rogan.

After a year of rewarding collaboration, our partnership faced a crossroads. Jess answered the call to embark on an extended adventure in her 25ft Airstream travel trailer and pursue a new career direction. I made the decision to forge ahead with Water + Sky and continue helping clients with the skills I have today. 

An Ithaca, NY native, I was was born in Lima, Peru. I live in lovely Brooktondale, NY with my husband, Lars, and our 8-year-old twins, Adrian and Isla. I'm a coffee-loving INFJ who enjoys long walks, playing Just Dance with my kids, and harmony singing.  I received a BA in Psychology from the New School for Public Engagement in NYC.