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We are a small design studio with a love for clean, cohesive visuals that inspire. 

Founded by Yvette Burggren and Jess Rogan in 2017, Water + Sky is a web design studio based in Upstate New York.  

The name "Water + Sky" was inspired by a line from a children's book Yvette would read to her twins. The words paired together paint a picture of simplicity and clarity.  Inspired by nature and the harmony of two forces that complement each other, our studio works with clients to help them understand what makes them unique and tell their story visually.  

We are proud to call Ithaca home but have worked with creative entrepreneurs all over the world. 


Yvette Burggren

Co-Founder + Creative Director

An entrepreneur at heart, Yvette has built several businesses from the ground up, including a beauty business she sold in 2017.

Career paths don't usually follow a straight line, as Yvette well knows. After spending more than 15 years in traditional work settings of non-profits, arts administration, and higher education, Yvette finally realized her dream of business ownership in 2014 with the co-founding of Miel Beauty Bar. 

Running this business day-to-day made Yvette realize what she loved more than anything else was designing its visual identity and website. She often thought about what it would be like to support other discerning business owners who've perfected their craft and want beautiful visuals to match.  When the time came to sell her business, she honored her long-held dream and founded Water + Sky with a talented designer, friend, and inspiration, Jess Rogan.

An Ithaca, NY native, Yvette was born in Lima, Peru. She lives in lovely Brooktondale, NY with her husband, Lars, and their 8-year-old twins, Adrian and Isla. She loves coffee, long walks, playing Just Dance with her kids, and harmony singing.  She received her BA in Psychology and Media Studies from the New School for Social Research in NYC. 


Favorite thing about working with Jess

"Jess is the kindest, most thoughtful friend and collaborator. We're passionate about so many of the same things. Running a business together flows naturally because we see eye-to-eye and respect one another so deeply. As a designer, Jess is someone who can do it all - she's gifted in many areas, from creative to technical. I couldn't be prouder to work with her!"


Jess Rogan

Co-Founder + Lead Designer

Jess has worked as a creative designer for the past 10 years. She learned early on that design could have an impact in the world and was fortunate enough to have a high school art teacher that encouraged her to pursue a career in design.

After receiving her BFA in graphic design from Marywood University, she hit the workforce, yet she found herself daydreaming of running her own creative business someday. A business where she could call the shots and work from anywhere at anytime! In 2016, (one advertising agency and a software startup later) she decided to make that dream a reality and started a small creative studio.

It wasn't long before she realized how much she missed working with others and how it benefited the creative process when more ideas entered the mix. 

Having worked with Yvette in the past, and really admiring her creative prowess, Jess proposed that they collaborate on a brand project she needed help with. Needless to say, the process was a blast and the end results were great. And so Jess decided to officially join forces with Yvette in founding Water + Sky in 2017.

When not working at W+S you'll find Jess going on adventures with her husband, Jay, and dog, Cooper, in their 25ft Airstream travel trailer.  She enjoys a good cup of coffee, mountain biking and being outdoors.


Favorite thing about working with Yvette

"Yvette's one of the most reassuring and supportive people I know.  My favorite part about working with her is the amount of fun and laughs we have when we're together. We're like two old souls!  I'm truly grateful to have her as a friend and business partner."